reasons to avoid soda

Do you love to drink soda? Well be careful. No matter which brand you prefer to drink it is harmful. It can be bottled or canned. It can also be sugar-free or regular. The main fact is no matter what the color or the brand is; sodas can be very problematic for your overall health. The health issue of soda is very harmful and makes you suffer for a long period. No matter if you consume regular or diet soda, caffeinated or caffeine-free. Soda is nothing but a plain bad news for your health. If you are willingly drinking soda each and every day then you’re just giving your body as much harm as smoking does. The harm is almost comparable with smoking. Think twice before consuming. It is high time for leaving soda because soda destroys your perfect healthy life. Here are 10 negative effects of soda on human body. Know the negative effects to avoid soda.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis
    The consumption is not good. If you consume soda a lot instead of milk then the result is very harmful. This will give you results in poor bone density as well as increases your risk of getting osteoporosis. Low intake of calcium is very harmful for human body. Top of that if such low calcium intake is accompanied by higher intake of phosphoric acid as well as caffeine in soda then this type of bad habit will severely decreases bone mass. It will also weaken bones as well as increases a huge level susceptibility to bone fractures of our body. Children as well as adults who do not drink soft drinks are in a good health condition. They have strong bones to resist fracture. The people who do not consume soda are less likely to develop osteoporosis comparatively those who drink soda.
  2. Maintain healthy Dental Health
    The sugar in soda is very damaging to your dental health. The sugar elements in this beverage tends to cling to teeth. This clinging helps bacteria to produce acids which can cause tooth decay as well as can invite gum diseases. Top of that some sodas contain harmful elements such as carbonic, phosphoric, malic, citric and not but the least tartaric acids. These acids make the beverage more acidic for your health. Regular intake of such acidic beverage increases the rate of demineralization as well as erosion of tooth. So be careful about in taking soda. You can have it occasionally but if you consume it daily then forget about beautiful smiles. I think you’ll have not that much teeth left to smile beautifully.
  3. Avoid Kidney Stones
    Regular consumption of soft drinks may increase the risk of getting kidney stones. Kidney stones are a very painful disorder which suffers and troubles your urinary tract. Soda intake increases the excretion process of oxalates. The unfortunate fact is it decreases the excretion of magnesium as well as citrate. These are such factors which may increase the risk of kidney stone build up as well as formation. Men, who tend to drink greater quantities of soda comparatively to women, are in danger. These men are more tend to suffer from kidney stone formation comparatively to those women. So avoid soda. Keep your kidney far away from stone formation.
  4. Get rid of negative Effects of Caffeine
    We know that caffeine is a very common ingredient which is present in many soft drinks. We generally intake caffeine by consuming tea or coffee. We do it in a moderate way and this is good caffeine for health. Caffeine increases energy levels as well as prevents our drowsiness. But soda contains too much caffeine which is not proper for our health. it causes undesirable effects to our body. Nervousness, irritability as well as an irregular heartbeat is the common symptoms of too much caffeine intake. Caffeine in soda can result in making children restless as well as giving the fidgety. Too much caffeine intake can affect their sleep. They can also have headaches. Too much caffeine brings change in human cognitive system which is very injurious. So avoid soda as it contains huge level of caffeine.
  5. Enhances invisible fat in our body
    Artificial sweeteners are used in diet soda. The amount of sugar in sugar sodas triggers insulin secretion of our body. Such kind of insulin secretion leads towards the increase level of triglyceride in human blood. It also leads towards fat deposition in organs such as the liver and lungs. This procedure also leads toward insulin resistance as well as diabetes.
  6. Accelerate ageing
    Studies have proven that phosphate alongside with phosphoric acid is found in colas and soft drinks. These elements acidify the bloodstream of our body. These acidic elements also affect the action of glutathione. It is an antioxidant enzyme which is very important for our skin. Soda lacks many vitamins as well as minerals. By consuming these drinks, you are unknowingly cutting the consumption of water as well as milk. You are depriving your body from the essential nutrients. As a result your skin lacks it glow and becomes dull. This makes human skin prone to wrinkles as well as aging.
  7. Dehydration and soda
    The next problem is more dangerous. Soda incorporates dehydration. The elements in soda act as a dehydrating diuretics in human body. Both caffeine as well as sugar presented in soda cause dehydration problem in human body. Caffeine is a diuretic element. It also influence an increase in the volume of urine. Soda creates huge level of dehydration problem. It sheds away the liquid from your body and gives you dehydration.
  8. Other health issues
    Intake of excess soda Increases the risk of asthma as well as lung disease. Caffeinated as well as artificially sweetened soft drinks tend to increase the risk of early menarche. This is a risk factor of several diseases and health issues.
    Soda elevates the uric acid levels in human body. it also provides you the risk of developing hypertension. In some cases, intake of soda incorporates mental health problems.
  9. Toxins
    Soda increases the toxic elements in human body. It contains acid and this acid affects our enzymes and reacts with them. As a result it creates toxin in our body. This is very disturbing. You will lose the glow of your skin. This problem also gives you heartburn and bloated stomach. So always try to avoid soda.
  10. Increased Blood Pressure
    Scientist have proof to believe that over consumption of fructose can give you high blood pressure. This element is particularly present in soda. It leads toward an increase in blood pressure level. This is very bad for total health.
    Soda is not at all a good choice. Rather than good taste it doesn’t have a single good side. It harms human body in numerous ways. If you consume soda regularly then you are destroying your organs gradually. So avoid all kinds of soda. No matter how much you are fond of them. If you want to lead a healthy life then avoid soda.