Milk and dairy – are they healthy
Dairy products such as milk, cheese, egg, yogurt and butter.

Milk and dairy products- world widely these food products are known as extremely nutritious as well as healthy. The question is they truly healthy or dairy products have any negative impact on human health? Yes, you need milk and dairy products for the protein consumption of your health. They are highly beneficial. Milk as well as dairy products make our bone stronger. The basic fact is, the subject dairy itself is a very tricky one. Every human being relies on the goodness of dairy and milk products on the beginning phase of their life. Dairy is known as nature’s best food. The fact is with immense benefits, dairy and milk product has some negative effects too on human body. Let’s check out how milk and dairy put negative impacts. We already know about dairy’s good effects.

Fat Content of dairy and it’s relation with Cardiovascular Disease

Dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, milk, butter, as well as yogurt can highly contribute in raising the significant amounts of cholesterol in human body. These dairy products also increase the amount of saturated fat to our diet. Diets which are high in fat can bring many sufferings to our health. Dairy products which are highly enriched especially in saturated fat can literally increase the risk of our heart disease. This problem can invite other serious health issues too.

A low-fat, plant-based diet is the only way to get rid of this problem. This kind of diet helps to eliminate dairy products. Alongside with such diet a good combination of exercise, smoking cessation, as well as stress management is very important. Only this is the pathway to get rid from heart disease.

Dairy product and Cancer

Consumption of dairy products can literally bring other serious problems. The over consumption of milk made products has been linked to higher risk of getting various cancers. Especially it has been proved by scientists that cancers of the reproductive system are highly interrelated with the overdose of dairy consumption. Most surprisingly, dairy product consumption has been linked to increased risk for prostate cancer as well as breast cancers.

The danger of dairy product consumption is really a issue to rethink. As it relates to prostate as well as breast cancers so it is most likely related to the over growth of insulin hormone.

Dairy Contaminants

Milk contains contaminants. These contaminants are very harmful for your health as they range from hormones to pesticides. Milk naturally contains hormones alongside with growth factors. These factors are nature’s gift as they are produced within a cow’s body. In addition with this, synthetic hormones have an impact on dairy products. This hormone which is especially known as recombinant bovine growth hormone is very commonly used in cows. It is used to increase the production of milk. Once this is introduced into the human body, then the disaster comes. These hormones may highly affect normal hormonal function of our body.

The contaminants of such hormones are highly introduced during processing of milk products. This dangerous contamination includes melamine. Melamine is found in plastic. This chemical brings negative effects on the kidneys as well as urinary tract. These chemicals are also very harmful as they are not destroyed through pasteurization process.

Chronic Inflammation

Dairy is a highly acidic food element. We all know that dairy products contain high amounts of calcium which is very good for our health. This calcium works   as an alkaline agent which is gifted by nature. The noticeable fact is, milk is highly rich in natural acids which can often cause calcium deposits. This deposit is there to build up as well as to associate potentials to cause arthritis and other long-term inflammation issues. Another surprising fact is, this chemical doesn’t necessarily keep our bones strong which we used to belief once. Most plant-based foods are enough efficient to do a much better job instead of milk. These foods don’t contribute to chronic inflammation in human body so try these foods to avoid chronic inflammation.


Quite honestly, animal products such as milks do nothing but just age the body. It is as plain and simple as water. Dairy is a really poor choice. This product is   one of the hardest to food product digest. Dairy is also one of the well-studied in its relationship to cancer as well as other harmful disease. Raw as well as some cooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, beans; legumes are more beneficial than dairy products. These foods highly contain plant-based protein. Alongside  with bucketful of  vitamins and minerals , all of these foods  help  to get extending longevity as well as these food products  promote beautiful skin which  ages slowly. So avoid dairy if you want a young looking skin.

 Poor Skin (and Internal Health)

Human skin is a very important part. Your flawless skin presents your beauty. The more healthy your skin is, the lesser internal health problem you will have. Your healthy skin can easily tell how   healthy the insider part of your body is. Human skin is the largest organ on your body. Sometimes our internal body can’t get rid of some problems. The skin then tries really hard to do get rid of from the issues by itself. This is very effective as well as true when it comes to the point of liver and digestive system. Sometimes these organs face a very hard time with internal wastes. These wastes can’t be properly removed from human body. This problem happens when a person consumes too much of dairy.  The skin is unable to get rid of the issue as a result your skin gets bunch of acne, redness, splotchy, or nothing but just lackluster skin. You will notice a change in such cases if you stop consuming dairies. Your body will get the opportunity to get cleaned from inside. As a result all of these skin problems will get away from you. it will give you more radiant skin.

Chronic Digestive Problems and sufferings

Lactose intolerance is very common after consuming dairy products. It creates gut damage in the digestive system of human body. Dairy products literally inflame the gut lining of human body. It causes the irritating leaky gut syndrome. This syndrome can literally   lead you towards autoimmune disease as well as other health issues over time. Then there are the digestive disturbances waiting for you. You will get these disturbances alongside with bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. You can also get it with long-term IBS. Dairy products give us a huge level of digestive problems. These problems in our digestive tracts are really very harmful as it puts an overall impact on the whole human body.

 Cancer Risks

What can be worse than this? Digestive disorders are the staircases which dairy products contribute to build up cancer. It’s been found by the researchers that dairy is the contributor to prostate, breast, testicular, and not nut the least colon cancer. Dairy is good for you but only at the beginning phase of your life. The overdose of cheesy dairy products can turn your health into a nightmare.

Dairy product is good for you but you have to maintain some limitations. An infant needs dairy because it gives the newborn all the health benefits. As human grow up, our body gets other benefits from numerous foods. We do not need dairy through our whole life span. The uncontrollable use and consumption of milk as well as dairy products can really be  harmful for human health.

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