Natural remedies for depression

We live in such world where depression has become a daily companion to everyone. We have forgotten how to live happily. We are just stressed out or depressed.  A depressed person is a very helpless one. Depression is the main enemy of our happiness. You can never lead a peaceful life if you are fully loaded with depression. People have made it a frequent habit to take medication for depression. Nowadays people take medication for just about everything. Depression is such a bad omen for your mental and physical health that it often causes physical symptoms. These symptoms encourage people to see a doctor. A doctor   can do nothing but prescribing medication.

You have to know that medications are not the best depression treatment. There many strategies to diminish this negative omen from your life.  You have to learn how to overcome depression on your own. You are capable enough to fight against depression without any medication. This article is meant for you and to direct you about how to fight depression. Take a dig in it. Now Follow this10 Natural remedies for depression relief. It may turn your world to a positive way.

10 Natural remedies for depression relief

Tips 1. Change in your lifestyle: The best way to fight against depression is to bring a change in your lifestyle. If you want to deal with it then you have to lead a comprehensive treatment.  To overcome it you need a proper lifestyle. If you think, you just try once in a while to hope your depression becomes less severe then you are entirely wrong.  There are numerous tactics which are meant to help you.  These strategies will help you to fight depression without medical intervention. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best remedy to apply in your daily life to overcome the unwanted burden of depression.

Tips 2. Exercise

Exercise is best Natural remedies for depression relief. It cannot be emphasized in a very strong way. But it is proven that there is a clear link between depression management and exercise. People who do not exercise or stay active regularly are more likely to developing anxiety disorders which leads them to depression. Exercise itself has proven to be a very valuable tool for depression management. Exercise helps to release neurotransmitters which have an uplifting effect on mood. It also tires muscles to prevent depression symptoms. Not only that. Exercise burns stress hormones which may trigger anxiety.

Exercise is a naturally healthy way which helps to combat anxiety.  If you care a bit about your mental health then start exercising. Regular exercise is the best way to improve your mental health because it sheds away your depressed soul.

Tips 3.Intake  Magnesium (and Other Vitamins)

According to studies, if you are not consuming enough nutrition then you are more prone to get anxiety. The biggest culprit of this reason is the absence of magnesium intake.  Magnesium is an incredibly important mineral. This mineral has been stripped from most diets. The reason behind it is the way food is processed.

 You may think that it is not that much valid reason   that low magnesium causes depression.  It is definite that the scarcity of this mineral may be causing some of the symptoms and sensations which lead to further depression. So keep magnesium enriched food in your diet to ensure that you are getting the nutrition your body needs to function.

Tips 4. Self-Exposure Therapy

 This one is a bit interesting strategy to practice. Exposure therapy mainly focuses on the idea that the human brain will no longer find something frightening if it is exposed to it for a long period of time. It is mainly known as “habituation,” .Self –exposure therapy   is an adaptive tool. This tool keeps people away from fearing the world around them. The best way to understand self-exposure techniques is to think about your phobia.

 Let’s assume that you have a deathly fear of spiders.  Then you have to perform the following:

  • At first, force yourself to think attentively about a spider for a long period of time. It will cause severe stress, but never try to fight it. Let yourself be stressed. You have to continue thinking about the spider until you’ve been relaxed enough. Continue to do this for several days.   Keep doing it until thinking about spiders doesn’t cause stress.
  • After that, let someone print out a photo of a spider.  There is obviously a reason that the photo will cause fear. You have to keep looking at the photo until you start to relax. Complete this session on many different days. You have to complete it with several types of photos. Keep continuing it until looking at these photos no longer causes anxiety.
  • Do the same thing for videos of spiders. You can find numerous videos of spiders in YouTube. You can move on only when they do not cause anxiety. Try to watch the same video over and over. It will help you to reduce your anxiety.
  •  Next one is the hardest step. Have someone catch a spider.  Place the spider in a jar or enclosed box sp that you can look at it for a long period of time.  At the beginning, you can allow a friend to be with you. The fact is, you have been able to look at the spider walk around on its own without .anyone’s help. Keep forcing yourself for doing it.  
  • Finally, you have to interact with the spider in some way. You have to be able to touch the spider. Try feeding the spider. You can also let it outside and try to follow it around. If you can get through these exercises without fear then there are high chances that your spider phobia will go away.

The key term to realize is that almost every type of depression  has several type of trigger you have to find your own way of facing your stress and anxiety. This is another Natural remedies for depression relief You can’t shed it away until you face it.

Tips 5. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be very beneficial for those who are suffering from depression. It is especially more beneficial for those who are hyperventilate. Hyperventilation is very common for those people who have panic attacks and often this attack causes physical symptoms which create more anxiety on their own.

So if you want to prevent this then practice breathing exercises. It can be used to calm the body as well as reduce the likelihood of hyperventilation. There are dozens of different breathing techniques for you. The simplest one is described here for you.

 You have to breathe in through your nose slowly for 5 to 6 seconds. After that, hold it for 3 seconds. Finally breathe out through pursed lips for 7 seconds.

This type of breathing gives your body back the right carbon dioxide balance. It keeps you far away from the symptoms of depression.

Tips 6. Yelling and Shouting

This strategy is a bit funnier. You should always do this in a private area. You should perform it where you can’t be embarrassed. Keep in mind that no one is there to judge you. The idea is beneficial that you essentially let out all of the stress that you are holding in.

At first, find a private place and let yourself yell and scream to your heart’s content. Then Punch pillows as well as throw things.  Let yourself go wild and let out everything stressful you’ve kept inside.

 After dealing with stress all week it can be a great and funny tool for making sure that you can just let loose your depression.

Tips 7. Relaxation to overcome depression

Relaxation is a good way to overcome depression. Some people find relaxation exercises help them lot. You can practice relaxation exercises like visualization and progressive muscle relaxation. It would be very   helpful for depression relief . You can practice visualization which is interesting too.

Tips 8. Goal setting:

 Some people find goal setting as a way to overcome anxiety. Staying socially active helps you to forget depression. Spend time with fun distractions. Hang out with friends. A good communication helps you to forget depression.

Tips 9. Herbal supplements:

 Some people consider herbal supplements as a good source to depression relief. They use herbal supplements like kava and passionflower. They find it helpful enough to control depression.

Tips 10. Music as a healer to depression:

For many people, music works as a healing power. They just listen to soft music and relax. It helps them a lot to be calm and gives them a splash of freshness.

Never let your depression rule over your life. Follow this 10 Natural remedies for depression relief & Just follow the strategy and lead an anxiety free life.

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