Menopause causes and treatment

Menopause is a word that a woman doesn’t welcome so much. This is not a welcoming period for a woman. No woman eagerly waits for it rather a lot of woman fear this word as well as phase. This health condition brings hormonal changes. This type of hormonal changes can bring on hot flashes, sleep problems, and many other serious issues. But that fact is, we have very little knowledge about menopause. Once a person gets proper knowledge about it then she can easily put up a plan to face this phase of life. So you don’t need fear it. You need to know about menopause.

 Let’s know about what menopause is, how to face it, what are the symptoms and what not. After knowing all of the facts it will become very easy to overcome the hard days of your menopause.

According to the observation of many gynecologists many patient fear menopause. They have many misconceptions about it.  The doctors always try to convince the sufferers that is nothing but a natural process. Every woman has to face it at a certain age in their life. They have also suggested that only proper outlook and attitude towards it can help to decrease your fear and pain during this period. Change your outlook to manage this phase.

Every woman will have to experience menopause in her own way. So, it’s better to be prepared and know thoroughly about it.

What Is Menopause exactly?

Menopause is a very normal health condition that every women experience as they age. The term “menopause” can be described in a very simple way. A woman can go through many changes just before or after she stops her menstruation cycle. This means at a certain period their productivity ends and this is called menopause.

The causes of Menopause

A woman is born not with infinite number of eggs. The number of eggs is finite and these eggs are stored in the ovaries of every woman. The ovaries also make the hormones. These hormones are -estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones control a woman’s menstruation and ovulation. Menopause takes place when the ovaries no longer release any kind of egg every month. As a result, the menstruation cycle stops.

Menopause is considered nothing but a normal part of aging. If menopause takes place after 40 then it is considered so. But if menopause takes place before the age of 40 then it is not a natural menopause. This kind of early menopause can be an offspring of any surgery. Surgeries like hysterectomy or any kind of damage in the ovary can bring such pre- menopause. Chemotherapy can also be a reason for it. However, whatever the reason is, this kind of menopause is known as premature menopause.

How does Natural Menopause take place?

Natural menopause takes place in a very natural way. You don’t need any kind of medical as well as surgical treatment for this. The process takes three stages to take place.  The stages are:

The first stage is called as Perimenopause . This stage typically begins few years before menopause takes place. This period of time the ovary normally produces less estrogen. Perimenopause can last up until the beginning of menopause. It exactly takes place when the ovary finally stops to release eggs.

Menopause is obviously a very natural biological process. But there are some physical symptoms, such as hot flashes. Other symptoms of menopause include emotional symptoms. It may disrupt your sleep, lower your energy or even it can affect your emotional health. There are many effective treatments available for this period. The treatment starts from lifestyle adjustments to many hormonal therapies.

Menopause symptoms

Before the beginning of menopause you may face the below mentioned symptoms.  This phase is known as Perimenopause. You may also experience these signs as well as symptoms:

Irregular periods are a very common sign.

Vaginal dryness is a frequent one.

Hot flashes can take place.

Chills – this problem sometimes take place.

Night sweats and sleep problem is a very common fact.

Mood changes as well as mood swings can take place.

Weight gain and slowed metabolism is a very common sign.

Thinning hair and dry skin.

Loss of breast fullness.

Symptoms for menstruation are different for every woman. In generally, you’ll experience some irregularity in your periods before the end of it.

Skipping periods during Perimenopause is common and generally expected. Often, menstrual periods will skip a month and it will return, or it can even skip for several months.

 After such skipping of periods it can again re-start for a few months. This time periods tend to happen on shorter cycles such as 1 day. So it can be assumed that the end is close enough. But there is a fact. Despite of your irregular periods, pregnancy is possible.  So, if you’ve skipped a period but if you aren’t sure you’ve started the menopausal transition then you must consider a pregnancy test.

The causes of menopause

You must keep up with regular visits with your doctor. You should do it for preventive health care as well as for any kind of medical issues. Continue getting such appointments during and even after menopause.

Preventive health care is very important for you. Your aging can include some recommended health screening tests. Test like colonoscopy, mammography and even triglyceride screening is very important for you. Your doctor can also recommend other tests as well as exams. These exams can include thyroid testing. It basically depends on your history, your breast and pelvic exams.Always seek for medical advice if you have any kind of bleeding from your vagina after your menopause.

Preventive health care as you age may include recommended health screening tests, such as colonoscopy, mammography and triglyceride screening. Your doctor might recommend other tests and exams, too, including thyroid testing if suggested by your history, and breast and pelvic exams. Always seek medical advice if you have bleeding from your vagina after menopause.

The causes of menopause

Menopause can result from:

Natural decline of reproductive hormones is a very crucial cause of menopause. As you approach towards your late 30s, your ovaries start to make less estrogen. It also produces very less amount of progesterone. These hormones are very important as they regulate menstruation. As their production decrease so gradually your fertility declines. In your 40s, your menstrual periods may become longer or it can be shorter, it can be heavier or even it can be lighter. It can also become more or less frequent, until eventually it ends. In an average, by the age of 51 — your ovaries stop producing eggs. As a consequence, you have no more periods.

Hysterectomy is another reason for the end of your period. A hysterectomy is the reason of the removal of your uterus. This process does not remove your ovary. As a result, usually this process doesn’t cause immediate menopause. Although you have no longer had periods but your ovaries still release eggs and it also produces estrogen as well as progesterone. But surgery can stop your period. In some surgeries both your uterus and your ovaries can cause immediate menopause. In this process, your periods stop immediately. In this phase, you do not face any kind of hot flashes. You don’t even face other menopausal signs and symptoms. This can be dangerous for your health. These kind of abrupt hormonal changes are harmful for your health.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are another reason for menopause. These kinds of cancer therapies can induce menopause. As a consequence, one can suffer from hot flashes during or shortly after the course of the treatment. The halt to menstruation as well as fertility is not always permanent as it comes followed by chemotherapy. As a result, birth control measures can still be desired.

Primary ovarian insufficiency is the last reason for it. About 1 percent of women experience this issue of menopause before they reach their 40s. It is known as premature menopause. Menopause can also result from primary ovarian insufficiency. This takes place when your ovaries become unsuccessful to produce normal levels of reproductive hormones. This problem can stem from genetic factors or it can also start from many autoimmune diseases. But often the exact cause cannot be found. For these women who suffer from such issues, hormone therapy is generally recommended at least until the natural age of menopause. It is recommended in order to protect the brain, heart as well as bones.


After menopause, your body can be at risk of certain medical conditions. Some rick can increase for you. For example-

Your Heart and blood vessel can face cardiovascular disease. When your estrogen levels decline then your risk of cardiovascular disease gradually increases. Heart disease is the main cause of death in women. It is also the main cause of death in men. So it’s very important to do regular exercise. You have to eat a healthy diet and have to maintain a normal weight.  Consult your doctor for advice on how to protect your heart. You should also know how to reduce your cholesterol or even blood pressure if it’s too high for you.

Osteoporosis is another health condition. This condition makes bones to become brittle as well as weak. It also leads to an increased risk of fractures. During the first few years after your menopause, you may lose your bone density at a very rapid rate. This factor increases your risk of osteoporosis. Postmenopausal women who are suffering with osteoporosis are especially susceptible to fractures. This list includes spine, hips as well as wrist fractures.

Urinary incontinence can be another offspring of your menopause.  As the tissues of your vagina and urethra lose their elasticity so, you may experience frequent, sudden or even strong urges to urinate. The process can be followed by an involuntary loss of urine. It can also be followed by the loss of urine with coughing, laughing or even lifting. You can also face urinary tract infections more often at this stage.

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises as well as using a topical vaginal estrogen can help relieve symptoms of incontinence. Hormone therapy can also be an effective treatment option for your post-menopausal urinary tract. It can also be helpful for your vaginal changes which can result as an offspring of urinary incontinence.

What you can do to heal your body during menopause

1. Include healthy fats to your diet.

Yes, you have heard it right. The word “fats” has a real bad connotation for numerous health-focused people in today’s world. Though in all the fuss about fat, there is certainly really very good as well as beneficial fats have gotten suddenly jumped in with legitimately toxic fats.  The fact is that it often feels easier for us to avoid fats altogether. We never try to figure out that which is which. We never want to understand that which fat is good for us.

So just choose healthy fats which are high in both elements – Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  Your hormones literally require these fats to do their jobs properly. Coconut oil, fish oil as well as olive oil are great choices for god fat consumption.

2. Take proper rest and sleep

If you are just like that many people who knows as well as believes that rest and stress are inversely interrelated. The fact is do you know the most important fact rest and hormone balance are also inversely interrelated. In other way it can be clarify that, the more rest you take, the more smoothly and finely your body’s hormone-driven communication and function system will balance up. So you have to start preparing for sleep well in an advance rate .Ignore eating after 7pm. You should also begin to dim the lights as nearer as your bedtime comes. You have to keep a regular sleep and waking hours. Most of all, you should try to get at least eight hours of sleep per night because it is the most basic fact. Rest and sleep is very important for your menopause.

3. Keep your exercise in check.

If you’re not a workout fan then you are probably going to love this tip. Though this fact doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for exercise at all. It just indicates the fact that you should avoid exercise which is literally so grueling. You should also avoid those kinds of exercises which can extend your hormone decrease and could throw off your body’s hydration as well as hormones.

According to the researchers, just 60 seconds of fully focused as well as intensive exercise can perfectly deliver a bunch of benefit as 45 minutes of mid-level exercise can provide. You can see the amazing difference?

So the goal here that is to tell you short bursts of intense exercise is very effective. Combine these short bursts with the goodness of cardio as well as strengthening. This package of intensive exercise will provide your post-menopausal body to balance properly as well as naturally.

4. Clean up your digestion

As every one of us well knows the fact there is no shortage of delicious as well as easy-to-obtain foods in today’s world. Though the fact is, many of those delicious foods that taste so amazing to the palate can literally suit you very less well by the time these foods reach your stomach as well as digestive tract.

Poor digestion, gut issues are some fact that harms your natural digestion process. IBS which is elaborately known as irritable bowel syndrome is very harmful for meopause. Some other issues with digestion can literally mess with your hormone balance.

Focus on eating properly. Consume goodness of food such as whole, unprocessed and very natural foods which are combined with moderate levels of sodium as well as sugar. You have to drink plenty of pure water. Water is very beneficial for balancing up your hormone. You should also have to chew slowly enough. This kind of chewing process is good enough. This kind of process makes your digesting tract pressure less. As a consequence your gut doesn’t have to involve in all the burden and process of digesting your food.

This procedure will keep your immune system perfect. It will keep your immune system far away from getting   it sluggish as well as it will help your endocrine systems. Endocrine system mainly issues and directs your hormones. So stay healthy. This will help your body tp balance up with your menopause.

5. Supplement very wisely with herbs.

As long as your doctor is on board with it, herbs are beneficial for you. You must know that consuming certain herbs in supplemental form can be very beneficial for menopause. It can be helpful enough to keep your body’s hormone balance natural. Use of it can also keep your hormone running smoothly and successfully.

Just be sure about the fact that   you have to verify with the herbs your doctor. Verify that the herbs you are using won’t interfere with any kind of contraception. You should also remember that hormone replacement therapy is very crucial. So always consult with your doctor before consuming other medications. Before you start taking them, you have to consult with your doctor.

You should know that Chaste Tree  which is also known as Vitex, evening primrose as well as red raspberry leaf are  good hormone-balancing herbs. These herbs are mainly for women in particular way for balancing up your body with menopause.

6. Steer clear from chemical interference

Just randomly pick up any cleaning product from your cabinet right now. Look carefully as you might find to struggle to pronounce some of the ingredient names is given there in the ingredient box. This is the harsh reality. More people in today’s world are switching to natural cleaners in order to avoid the harsh as well as dangerous toxins. People are now trying to avoid those chemicals added to many commercially sold cleaning products in the present circumstance.

These chemicals can literally interrupt your vaginal function. It can also interfere with your hormone production as well as it can interfere in your regulation process. As a result, it can cause serious health issues.

Menopause is nothing but a phase in your life. It doesn’t mean the end of your life. You can cope up with is very easily. So never fear your menopause. You are a strong woman. Live your life fully.

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